by Amrita

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released March 22, 2017



all rights reserved


Amrita Gothenburg, Sweden

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Track Name: Where's Your Messiah
You crave a savior to save you from nothing
Helping you might be a sign of remorse
Fuck it
Heaven’s not where I’m supposed to go
Saved you so many times before but you never gave anything back
I’ll never save you again
So now that I’m gone
Where’s your messiah?
I never got what was going on inside your head
Cause it was never about us
You said I’d always be the one yet you never lived up to your words
Give me my life back
Have I lost it all?
Where’s your messiah now?
If belief is all that you have left, leave it all behind
False hope always brings us to our knees
Stand, my friend
Track Name: The Weakest Mind
We walk on strange lands
Perhaps through eternity
We’ve seen their towers fall
We’ve seen their heroes turn to stone
Inside there be monsters waiting for the chance to feed of the weak
The anger in their eyes is getting greater
We’re trying to keep our distance
Push us further apart
I’ve lost myself inside my own walls
The cries won’t stop
My life will never look the same
The steel on my tongue won’t make the voices go away
End it all
It’s all repeating
Playing over and over in my head
It’s all repeating
It just goes on and on and on
Through the smallest crack in the weakest mind it will find its way inside
Track Name: Judgement
We walk beside the people
The people they call filth
We breathe the same air
Same blood is running through our veins
We walk beside the people
The people that are filth
Throughout the generations we’ve preached for equality
Show me
So show me how we are supposed to be the superior race that you believe in
We are
We are all equal
We’ve all born pure
Weak minds decieved by hate
I came to my senses about human rights when I was born
You don’t seem to understand that you’re nothing but a tiny man
You are nothing but a tiny man
Beneath that suit you’re nothing but a frightened boy
Face down when nothing but you lies beneath your feet
This is the end
Face down
Don’t get up ‘til your’re ready to face your actions
We will never bow to you
Track Name: Caught
I’m scared of expressing my feelings, even to myself
Cause you made me your puppet
Caught in a million strings
To make me feel guilty when I feel grief, as there’s always something worse
My last goodbye to this life of free will
Cause clearly I was born to follow
I’ll hide it all
No feelings allowed
I’ve never been in need of your attention
I’ve never been that kind of fool
But you cut my tongue to feel better ‘bout yourself
Giving me one less reason to breathe
I don’t care that I’ll never be what you want me to be
But I can’t stand standing around while you pretend I don’t exist
And what about who I want to become?
Just keep pretending
Track Name: Illusions
Pretend while our world is falling apart
An illusion of our way of life
Built by anger, grief and the lies
The lies we’ve been fed all along
We’ve cursed ourselves to a life of regret
We twisted our reality beyond recognition
I’m losing control of my thoughts
They’re preparing me for the showdown
Give me my dreams back
Those dreams of us
Our perfect world overflows with anguish
These memories of us growing up to a fate that we can’t change
We fought for tomorrow
Now we watch as our world burns
Our chance of survival was taken away from us as all we knew turned to dust
We will stand as avengers of those who fought
We will fall as descendents of those who believed in us
We will fall as descendents of those who believed
Track Name: Empathy
We need to face ourselves
Take a look at this picture
All our persistance staring back at us
A red sun is rising to plea for lives lost
Following the gestures of your hands
Will we ever be free to help those in need?
We fight, we fall for those who can’t see
Soliders in fear who long for home
What are we supposed to believe when all we know is how to decieve?
Great men have forsaken their hearts to a mind of machinery
The napalm will fall from the sky
It’s easy to forget and repress what this war has brought upon us
This plea for lives
These souls won’t find their home
The chance to fulfill your promises
This virtue is yours to keep
We fight, we fall for those who can’t see
Soliders in fear who long for home
Blood is all over your hands
There’s no escaping your decisions
And yet you look for a solution to make the guilt go away
We fight, we fall for those who can’t see
We fight, we fall for those in need
We fight
We fall
This is our war