by Amrita

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    Track listing:
    1 Awakening
    2 Inferno
    3 Light, My Guide
    4 Dreamcatcher
    5 Reminiscence
    6 My Rise, Your Fall
    7 Faded Colours
    8 A Phase Portrayed
    9 Wolves
    10 Aurora
    11 Normality

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released March 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Amrita Gothenburg, Sweden

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Track Name: Awakening
I’ve never felt so useless
This need of clarity will never subside
I used to watch the sun rise
Now I’m forever looking at the night sky
Beauty has left this world and we’re what’s left
These dead lights have left me empty
No words to leave my tongue
No feelings to fill my heart
What if this is me being me?
The same old streets
The same old signs
But we never lived this way
Except for in our nightmares
Is this what we’re meant to be?
Track Name: Inferno
This is how it starts
Where does it end?
Follow your instincts and choose your direction
Your at the point of no return
A hollow mind
A pray for vultures
Clining to your mind like diseases
Slides of endless questions
Where will we go when all is lost?
For every voice that gets silenced
Thousands will take its place
For every heart that stops beating
Silence will remain
I’ll be here
Long after you’re gone
Waiting for a sign
Follow my voice
Hear my call
My hell, a paradise
I can hear them calling my name
This is my hell
This is your paradise
My hell, a paradise
Track Name: Light, My Guide
There are these places
Out where it’s dark
They keep me away from the outside
Out of sight from the truth
Making me wander astray into the arms of my enemies
Seeking a guide
Descent from the sky
To take me out of this place
My hope so focused into a guiding light
A guiding light
Never fading
A light so birght
A light so clear
A life so bright
A life so clear
My life so bright
My future so clear
I know that there is something left
A guide ot light my path
My life will be so much more than this
Life passing before my eyes
Put this soul to rest
One last time
Track Name: Dreamcatcher
Thoughts of doubt have been filling my head
A self-destructive set of mind
What am I looking for?
Errors to correct, mistakes to fix, problems to solve
Will this be your memory of me?
I've been down this road before
Retracing my steps
This reality is killing me
Failing to see the drawn lines
And this window will break
Shattered we'll go on
To look for what's already lost
Too late to pay for our past crimes
When we are wide awake
Awake in this eternal sleep
I can't seem to stop
Who can smile behind the broken glass?
When you can't see yourself
Am I the broken who can't be fixed?
What we repress is what will never pass
Until we face our fears
Then what am I afraid of?
If we dig deep in our hearts, what do we find?
The reasons for our fears?
What am I afraid of?
Feels like we're stuck in this dream
As our worlds collide
We've got nowhere else to go
But back to where it began
Track Name: Reminiscence
Is this what we’ve learned?
To forgive every mistake?
Through your decieving eyes, it all fades away
These tears and these smiles
They belong to us
Wide awake I wait for you
Wide awake I wait for you to come back
You live your life for who you are
Forget about us
Your life has a meaning, I found you
And it’s all my heart can bare
Break loose from those who harm you
They can’t see how beautiful you really are
Wide awake I wait for you
I shout from my lungs but yet I choke for air
It’s been replaced by your smell
All of this, did we mean it?
Things were said and words stick
Is this how it ends?
From now on it is madness to go on cause we’re sick
For all I know our love was never pure
As I bleed all that’s left are tears
Track Name: My Rise, Your Fall
Where did we go wrong?
I can’t seem to recall how it came to this
I haven’t fought this hard to get sunken like a stone
This is so much bigger than me
I’ll fight to my last breath
To get what I’m worth
For I deserve more than this
Look aside from all these issues
I can defeat what’s hunting me
You don’t understand what’s been growing inside of me
And I have to make it stop
I can, I will and I must go forward
There is no point in turning back
I have to release what’s been growing inside of me
And I can’t give up
I can’t stand to see me sink this far
My time has come
My time has come to rise
This is the first time you let me through my own eyes
What have you done?
What have you done to me?
Do I deserve this agony?
I’ll fight to my last breath to get what I’m worth
Stand up for who you are
Noone can take that from you
The world is for you to see
Don’t be afraid
Track Name: Faded Colours
Sick an tired of staring at the walls
They speak my name
Times flies by without a word
The blackbird never sings anymore
The crows have made him flee
They fill the sky
The voices in my head wait for me to fall
Do you remember how the seasons used to change in the blink of an eye?
Our colours have faded to black
Our love became disease
I though of us as something else
Something to be of importance
But your lies left me alone
You left me alone for yourself
I won’t live my life in silence
I will remember the days we had
Long ago
Before the sickness got us both
I never wanted you to see that side of me
I never wanted you to see how much you meant to me
I never wanted you to see what you did to me
I always knew you’d be the one to be the death of me
Track Name: A Phase Portrayed
These pictures of my world where silhouettes of past lives, seem to be flashing by
The void which left behind
My emptiness
My void
All empty
Like the works of classic we’re seemingly just artwork
Doomed to remain
We’ve been framed for crimes never committed
To serve for life
We are the restless protraits of faded dreams
We are chained to our history
We’re caught in the middle
Between the lines of our insanity
In the middle of this void
Is my sanity a facade long lost?
Inbetween these lines
History seems to be repeating itself
Track Name: Wolves
I’m trapped within the walls of my mind
The same faces is all I see
What do they think of me?
This empty shell of a man
Struggling to surive
Hunted like a wolf without a pack
Time has stopped
We’ve caught up with the sun
There was something we left behind
Under preassure we fade
A vague memory of life
Without the feeling of loneliness
The hands go round and round but we stand still
Days turn into nights
The hands go round and round but we stand still
While days and nights becomes months and years
I’ve had dreams about leaving this place
Get out of my head
What would they think of me?
A hungry wolf hunting for himself wihtout a pack
They made us crawl
But now we stand where others have fallen
Track Name: Aurora (feat. Oskar Larsson)
Under the starlit sky with all infinity
Just out of reach despite our efforts
We build our ladders high to find ourselves below
Where have we gone?
Is this what we had in mind?
We could have been superior
But what we’ve done
A sad excuse for a life
What are we?
Our potential gives way for a sense of gain
We define ourselves as what we see
For what are we?
We must have lost us
We leave our teachings clear as day
But have we learned?
We leave a footprint dark as night
We are one
United hearts
Dark as night
We all have fallen
Into a state of greed
We lost our empathy to a destructive heart
Dark as night
Track Name: Normality
I tread the fine lines between the selfless and egoism
Do I decide to play along in these games I’ve stayed away from for so long?
All there rules that we must live by to feel like we are a part of something bigger
Or to be at all
Hands up high
We have to redefine our purpose to fit right it
All we are is all we’ll
All we’ll ever be
Hands up high
We have to redefine our purpose to fit right in
These narrow ideals
Ideas forcefed for us to be right
All we are is all we’ll ever be